Training can be provided in the various photographic practices required to understand and develop ways of reading the image, improve technical and educational approaches, question artistic approaches, reflect on current issues around the image, and all for all types of public: amateurs, professionals, children / youth, education professionals, etc.

Workshop with the artist Claudine Doury - © Jean-Luc Fouet.


"The volunteers and employees of the association Pour l'Instant have come up with a wide range of proposed workshops. With photography remaining the unifying subject, the workshops are aimed at an even broader public, including children, teens and older people, whether beginners or experienced, artists or merely curious. With theoretical, technical and sometimes fun approaches, they broaden the horizons by exploring both old and emerging techniques and forging links with other artistic disciplines. The programme reflects the diversity of photographic practices and the extent of the skills they call for".
Olivier Nappey, president

These workshops are designed and run by volunteers who are eager to share the knowledge and techniques they have acquired through personal or professional experience or during our internships.


These are led by professional artists, technicians or theorists. Their purpose is to provide theoretical knowledge and technical practice for all levels: novices, enlightened amateurs, artists, etc. They are based on a privileged relationship between instructors and participants, with exchange being actively encouraged. Most of the courses take place on weekends.

national training

The French Pôle Ressource à l’Éducation Artistique et Culturelle (PREAC) is a national programme organised by Canopé. It provides training for teachers, cultural leaders and public contact personnel entitled Photography and Territories. This is a programme drawn up jointly by Canopé, Villa Pérochon, and the Marais Poitevin natural park, enabling exchange with professionals in the field in order to acquire experience, tools and resources that can help teachers develop an approach to a territory through photography.

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