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Frôlements de l’ombre
Exhibition from November 4
to February 17

Alain Willaume draws on the whole of his enigmatic oeuvre to create a twilight stroll inspired by the atmosphere of the Villa Pérochon. On the first level, vast grey territories haunted by the anxiety of a world where a few humans still remain, oscillating between threat and contemplation. The upper floor, meanwhile, is a hushed refuge peopled by melancholy shadows, creaking noises and sleepless dreams.

Wednesday to Saturday,
1.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
Admission free.

Opening Friday 3 November
at 6.30 pm.

Guided tour by the artist
Saturday 4 November at 10.30 am


Encounters of Young International Photography 2024
April 5 - May 25

Special edition! In 2024, the Encounters of young international photography will be 30 years old! For this anniversary edition, we're not looking back, but looking ahead: what will photography be like in 30 years' time? Artificial intelligence, a return to matter, eco-photography… Discover 8 new projects at the Villa Pérochon, the Grappelli pavilion, the Pilori, the Pierre-Moinot library and in the public space:

· Sumi Anjuman,
  River runs violet (Bangladesh)
· Cristobal Ascencio,
  Future archeology (Mexico)
· Violaine Carrère,
  God save the cream
· Marine Combes,
  Le manifeste rouge
· Alisa Martynova,
  Alien life form (Russia)
· Alice Pallot, Algues maudites,
  a sea of tears, part II

· Thomas Pendeliau,
  La cinquième saison
· Le duo Tao Douay
  et Adrien Pontet
, Exîle

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Meet the artists
· Festival opening 5-6 April
· Anniversary 27-30 April

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