20+21=22 !

The Encounters of Young International Photography 2022 are just around the corner and the Villa's team is in full preparation. This year program is mainly about CREATION!
In total: 27 artists and 22 exhibitions including: Those of the 2021 and 2022 residences, the creative residency in a psychiatric environment by Frédéric Stucin (exhibition and book) but also after heavy renovation work for 9 months, the opening of the two upper floors of the Villa Pérochon.

[And the program is available here for download! (in English)]

Question d'images

To keep the contact with us, you can watch on our Youtube channel the videos presenting the exhibitions previously organised by the Villa Pérochon  : Question d'images 1 and 2 (5 vidéos in French) :

• Olivier Culmann talks about the exhibition
[Selfies Égo / Égaux]

• the four artists taking part in the group exhibition Que reste-t-il ? talk about their work :
[Claire Dorn]
[Myriem Karim]
[Raphaëlle Peria]
[Clarisse Rebotier]

The Youtube channel [is here]