While Villa Pérochon is recognised by institutions and the public who frequent it, the fact remains that financial support is required to meet increasing needs and to ensure the development of projects aimed at all audiences in our region.
Several possibilities are available to you to support us in our development.

individual membership

Come and join us at Villa Pérochon so we can continue together along the wonderful path of contemporary photographic creation.

Becoming a member means:
• supporting us in our actions and sharing human values of friendship driven by a passion for the image
• being among the first to get our news and invitations to events, such as guided visits, conferences, meetings with artists, etc.
• getting access to the darkroom and digital photography lab
• using the library
• benefitting from preferential rates for training courses and workshops
• participating in the Villa’s voluntary activities, such as welcoming artists, setting up exhibitions and other specific projects
• participating in the general assembly in March

To join us, you have two possible ways:
• The 2022 membership form is available for you here (in French).
• You can also, by clicking on the logo below, directly become a member through the helloasso website (in French).

company sponsorship

Do you want your company to clearly show its commitment to a human and artistic associative project?
You can find this in the actions of Villa Pérochon.
Technical developments mean that the image is omnipresent in our daily lives. Buthow able are we to interpret them, what keys do we possess to understanding them? For this, there exists no real teaching, while photography is more than ever played with, manipulated and present at the heart of contemporary creation.
The Villa Pérochon, recognised by the Ministry of Culture as an institution of national public interest, offers a programme of exhibitions of the highest quality of contemporary work by author photographers, while also promoting emerging artists. Our structure relies on a much valued network of volunteers who make it unique in France and open to all, including more than 1,500 school children in 2019, while making equipment accessible to everyone, from kindergarten to retirement home residents, with nobody being overlooked.
Join us and our other partners to find the keys to author photography, conviviality, humanity.
Do not hesitate to subscribe to the Art Photo Library.

"Because in the end, artworks only live by finding an audience, and artists only thrive through such encounters, which nonetheless require the most demanding conditions to enable the development of the work, including quality exhibition spaces and assistance for the public, as well as thoughtful and committed programming.
The presence of artists, especially emerging ones, the dissemination of existing and newly created exhibitions, cultural events, artist training, image education for a broad public, the involvement of local people, companies and institutions, all amount to an ecosystem facilitating the exchanges required for reflection, experimentation and creation.
Through a systemic approach and a macroscopic vision taking into account the geographic, sociological, economic, historical, scientific and artistic environments of contemporary photography, Villa Pérochon, firmly based in its local setting, develops an artistically unique and ambitious policy through experimentation."

Extract from the Villa Pérochon project

Sponsorship is an act of solidarity. In the form of a donation in cash, in skill, in kind or in technology for the benefit of recognised organisations of public interest, it gives right to fiscal advantages.
A reduction in your corporate tax of 60% of the amount of donations, within the limit of a ceiling of 0.5% of your turnover excluding tax (with the possibility of carrying over the surplus over the following five years in if this threshold is exceeded).