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Facilitating visitor’s appreciation of works is one of our primary concerns. With a view to fulfilling this aim, many actions are provided to cater for a broad public. Villa Pérochon now sets up visitor contact residences specifically designed to promote direct exchange between artists and the public. We invite artists to come and comment on their exhibition not only in situ but also in schools, socio-cultural centres or any other health, social, justice, popular education institutions, etc.
Along with all other members of the Diagonal network, we participate in discussing and defining policies to be implemented for aiding all kinds of public’s appreciation of works free of charge.

Visitor contact residency with Marie Mons in July 2020 - © Jean-Luc Fouet.

guided tours

For all audiences:

At each exhibition several guided tours are offered. Several tours are offered during the Encounters of Young International Photography.

School groups and groups of accompanied children:
Free of charge and by appointment only Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. These visits are designed with the teacher according to the level of the class and last on average 45 minutes. Tours can also be organised during exhibitions across several sites.
To make an appointment, contact:

By appointment, private visits for constituted groups (companies or privatisation for an event) can be organised, subject to invoicing.

For disabled people:
The Villa Pérochon is accessible to people with reduced mobility and, on special occasions, visits can be accompanied by sign language interpretation. We are familiar with welcoming groups of residents of retirement homes, EHPAD, and other specific audiences such as the Niort prison and the judicial protection of youth.
To make an appointment,

… And a festive and fun approach

During the summer exhibitions we organise moments of convivial exchanges around a picnic, a snack or an aperitif in the garden of the Villa.

meetings with artists
Meetings with artists are regularly scheduled, either during exhibition openings, or in the course of longer stays or creative and public contact residencies. More formal occasions also arise in the context of other projects such as round table discussions and conferences addressing specific topics.

public contact residency
A programme aimed at a broad audience is drawn up jointly by Villa Pérochon and the guest artist with opportunities for meeting during practical workshops, guided tours, round table discussions, conferences, and even internships. The residency is mainly organised around the presentation of an exhibition or work in progress on a specific geographical area.

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