The  Encounters are aimed at promoting young international photographic creation. They help develop rich values: sharing of know-how and experience, confrontation between approaches and cultures in a spirit of respect and freedom.

Unique in its sort, the concept  of the Encounters is based around a collective residency of artists, accompanied by an internationally renowned advisor, such as (over recent years) Philip Blenkinsop, Joan Fontcuberta, Christian Caujolle, Max Pam, Françoise Huguier, Cristina Garcia Rodero… together with a professional technical team. 

This residency is based on the idea of giving to young photographers developing notions of art photography the time and space they may need to be able to reflect on their work and the artistic pertinence of their approach. The recommendation given to the selection jury to explore artistic and cultural diversity is a guarantee of the richness of exchanges.

By freeing them from everyday material preoccupations, we aim to provide them with those moments that are indispensable to the processes of reflection, experimentation and dialogue, enabling them to nurture and enrich their skills, their appoach and their discourse.

The residency that we provide unites all the conditions required for such development:
- A true carte blanche
- Openess to the most wide-ranging artistic approaches
- Artistic accompaniment of the highest quality  dedicated to sharing

Organisation / Programme

• Exhibitions over a period of 4 months:
- One exhibition presenting the works of the artists selected by the jury
- One exhibition presenting the most recent works of the artistic advisor
- At the end of the residency, and presented for one month, an exhibition of the works created during the residency
- Focus: Spotlighting especially appreciated work by an ex-resident

• Events: 
Festive moments and meetings with the public: exhibition openings, plus the official opening and closing of the residency of the EYIP with presentation by the artists of the works presented in the various exhibition spaces, projections, etc.

• A Residency for Artists
- Dates: End March / Beginning April every year
- Duration: 15 days 
- Amount: 8 artists accommodated
- Selection: On the basis of application dossier presenting works already created, plus a text outlining the intention for the residency (on average, 300 dossiers receieved, coming from all the continents). Selection by a jury invited by the Director of the CACP, presided over by the artistic advisor of the year and comprising: two leading figures in the domain of photography (gallery owner, artistic director of a centre of art, exhibition commissioner, critic, etc.), the adviser in fine arts of the DRAC Poitou-Charentes, the president and an administrative member of the CACP. If they wish, leading patrons of the arts and representatives of institutions  may participate in this jury.
- Accommodation: All participants in the residency are accommodated at the Fort Foucault, patrimonial site located in the town centre of Niort and dedicated by the local authorities to artists.