Photography is both a contemporary art and a social practice. The image occupies a place at all moments of our everyday life, a boundless place that requires reflection and education.

The Villa Pérochon is a Centre of Contemporary Photographic Art that has chosen the double role of promoting young artists and taking a cultural approach to reality, whether this be social, environmental or other(s). Current artistic trends must remain open to diversity and ensure our cultural citizenship.
At this time when photography as a medium of artistic reflection is undergoing a process of continual mutation between the artistic and the documentary, and when the limits are becoming less pronounced between what is the result of a singular approach and what refers more to the creative process than to the result itself, it is propitious to have a place where contemporary issues are questioned and brought together in fertile confrontation between young artists and recognised artists.
The Centre of Contemporary Photographic Art, together with the Encounters of Young International Photography, the cornerstone of its annual programme, enables both public and artists in residence to discover and surprise. It is a place of exchange, experimentation and confrontation between generations. The recognition of this manifestation by the artistic community and the informed public results not only from the quality of the reception that is provided, but also the ruling spirit and values of this manifestation: liberty, sharing, respect, and discovery. Now, more than ever, these values must be propagated.